The Moon has more than once inspired poets and writers, artists and musicians, directors and screenwriters to create works related to this only natural satellite of the Earth. And we are no exception.

Our collection is inspired by the Moon as a part of nature and a source of great energy. The accessories use natural stones agate and jasper, which have energy similar to the Moon.

The moon is a symbol of mystery, inaccessible beauty, love. It is the gentle and calm Moon that is considered the embodiment of the feminine principle. The SHELK MOON collection is designed to give its owners a feeling of calm, strength and tranquility.

Using accessories as metaphors, we invite every woman to touch the radiance of her Moon.

Also this season, SHELK presents an updated palette of basic models - the MIKHAIL backpack and AVDOTYA bag. The accessories are made of genuine leather produced by the best factories in Italy. Using materials left over from the production of the main collection, SHELK, in collaboration with the 5 o’COAT brand, released mini bags made of leather and suede in basic shades. The red bag became the link between the brands, as a combination of the recognizable shape of SHELK and the main color of the spring collection 5 o’COAT. “Connected by a red thread” is how the projects formulate their consonance, and the symbol of the red thread itself appears in the images and details of the collaboration.

SHELK is a young Russian brand of accessories in minimalist aesthetics, founded in 2022. We create basic wardrobe investment bags that are so versatile that they will harmoniously complement different looks, regardless of the season. SHELK products are made from tactilely pleasant natural materials, so you won’t want to part with them.

The idea of ​​multifunctionality is part of the brand's philosophy. SHELK bags and backpacks offer several ways of carrying. We place special emphasis on styling options. For example, the AVDOTYA model can be worn on the shoulder as a cross-body, and you can also create a new shape by tying the arms in a knot or connecting them with your favorite bracelet.

Accessories are created in small drops, which allows you to control the manufacturing process of each product. This year we began cooperation with the best tanneries in Italy, which produce raw materials for the world's luxury brands. In the spring we will present an updated color palette of accessories and surprise you with the special quality of workmanship.
An interesting and important fact: the AVDOTYA bag was named in honor of Katya’s daughter, and the MIKHAIL backpack is dedicated to her husband.
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